2020 Trustee Updates

With the closure of the building through much of 2020, the trustees were able to get a lot of work done.

  • Deupree Room: The room on the south side of the sanctuary was named the Deupree Room in honor of Pastor Neil Deupree and his wife, Kay. The room and former bathroom were completely rebuilt, including:
    • New plaster ceiling
    • New baseboard trim
    • New paint throughout
    • New insulation
    • New furniture
  • Windows in the narthex, classrooms, and dining room were cleaned. Much of the dirt was between the insulating interior pane and the exterior pane of glass. New foam insulation was added before reinstalling the interior pane of glass. They will likely need cleaning again in another 25 years (2045).
  • A ditch was dug next to the front sidewalk to help keep water and ice from building up in the winter.
  • Orchard: A small grove of apple trees was planted on the south side.
  • Mowing and snow removal. A big Thank You to all that assisted!
  • Heating:
    • The thermostat issue in the dining room was resolved.
    • Two leaks in the hydronic furnace system were repaired.
    • New baseboard heaters are installed in the ‘pantry room’ because the radiant floor heating was unable to be repaired after a leak.
  • A bee hive was kept on-site.

Here is what we plan for next year:

  • One quadrant of the yard will be left un-mowed and fallow. To prevent the brush from growing too high, we will rotate the fallow land annually, and resume mowing the following year.
  • Complete the northwest side of the roof. This will be a big project. We plan to buy the metal roofing in early winter 2020-2021 and keep it on-site until it can be installed. The money has already been allocated.